Amores Mexican at Temptations Resort Cancun


Amores Mexican Restaurant at Temptations Resort Cancun


Mexican Cusine

Every evening, guests at Amores will experience an authentic journey across the different regions of Mexico. With its spectacular Mexican cuisine combined with traditional music and a festive atmosphere, Amores will leave you asking for more. An exuberantly decorated, high-energy, lively and colorful space that perfectly showcases the rich culinary variety of Mexico.

Mexican food is known throughout the world as "Comfort Food" distinguished by dishes that explode with flavor. The Chefs at Amores take pride in elevating classic Mexican food, to gourmet levels with fascinating explanations and artful presentations. Be prepared as we take Mexican cusine to a whole new level, whether it be "Mole" from Puebla, "Picadas" Veracruzanas, "Tlayudas" Oaxaqueñas, or "Pozole" from Jalisco each will match up to the definition of Amores; true love and passion in every mouthful.

During the day, Amores operates as a Snack Bar & Grill, making it the perfect hotspot to enjoy snacks, pizzas, and gourmet hamburgers.

Snack Bar: Service from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Dinner: Service from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Dress Code: Casual Trendy

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